Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

Reseller Hosting in Pakistan, Developers and business professionals that manage or resell numerous websites frequently choose to host reseller services. We are the best reseller Hosting providers in Pakistan. Simple cPanel login creation has required for each client or website, and your websites are kept more secure. Your other websites won’t be impacted when a website experiences a problem like an exploit, security hole, or traffic spike by the efforts of our best team.

Every account comes with every feature offered by our Standard Web Hosting package. Many built-in features, like security, speed, caching, and others, are available on our shared hosting servers. The advantages of each of these traits could give you the upper hand. We also provide a reasonable and cheap plan of reseller Hosting.

  • Fast account activation
    Zthosting offers a brief account activation system for ease for our clients.
  • Our team Easily manages your hosting accounts with a web-based manager.
  • We make regular backups because we take the security of your data seriously.
  • Hardware
    For all of our devices, we exclusively use top-notch hardware. Utilize this function with one of our reseller hosting plans!
  • Maintain composure
    You can do what you want, and we’ll concentrate on making fantastic things for our clients.
  • 30-day warranty
    In the first 30 days, zthosting reimburses your hosting expenses if you’re unsatisfied.
    Uptime of 99.9%
  • The highest quality is availability; thus, we ensure that your website is always accessible.
  • 24/7/ assistance
    When you work, so do we. Whatever the case may be. Zthosting offers 24/7 assistance to all customers.
    Best reseller hosting in Pakistan.

In addition to being adequately tailored to meet the needs of all hosting service providers, zthosting reseller web hosting packages are excellent for hosting many domain names and websites. You may purchase the best reseller web hosting package at zthosting, with a performance guarantee, unparalleled speed, and more than enough disc space.

To offer our customers complete support and to host that is simple to maintain at a low cost. Our other comprehensive reseller services include cPanel. We are the official partners of cPanel and Offer the Best Reseller hosting in Pakistan with Cpanel / WHM powered by a high-performance Control Panel with Softaculous, Jetbackup & CloudLinux.

Our fully automated web hosting services and our devoted support team’s availability make us the favorite choice of our clients. Our reseller cloud hosting requires no prior technical knowledge or expertise to get started. Feel free to contact us via what’s app, phone call, or email; we will answer you within 24 hours. Additionally, our offices in Islamabad and Gujranwala are always open to you for in-person meetings.

We take pleasure in offering 100% white-label packages based on our private cloud infrastructure and packed with outstanding features as a leading service provider of the best reseller hosting plans in Pakistan.
We also offer limitless bandwidth and other incredible features at a reasonable price.
Since 2009, we have been creating websites for businesses, so you can trust us to build yours.

Our products & your business. Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

By white labeling our products, reseller hosting enables you to launch your own web hosting business. When you start your own web hosting company or provide your current clients with more excellent value is an easy way to enhance your income.
Additionally, you have total control over every area of your business with zthosting. All the while, we remain in the background.
In other words, you grab the credit while we supply the goods. Yes, it is pretty fantastic.

Our All Hosting Plans and Packages

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What is web hosting for resellers?

You may start your own web hosting business with reseller hosting, also known as white label hosting, without paying for the server, software, and site uptime. It’s pretty much as amazing as it sounds.

Who should use reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is available to everyone, but it’s best suited for freelancers or businesses who provide clients with web design, development, and other commercial services. Clients can buy and host their websites using reseller hosting, just as if you were the hosting provider.

Can I make money through reseller Hosting?

Yes, that is the plan! The purpose of reseller hosting is to generate income for you. You can market your brand, earn recurring payments from clients, and combine hosting with other services you provide. Our reseller plans at zthosting include the comprehensive client management and billing system WHMCS, which is discounted.

What does a reseller bundle include?

The following are the typical features frequently seen in reseller packages:
Space on Disc Bandwidth.

Hosting a domain
Possibility of branding your own web hosting business while using a hosting provider that your client is unaware of (also known as “white label”)
The most recent version of cPanel Manages your programs and sets up several accounts by your requirements.
Give your clients access to features like email, a control panel, extra scripts, and monitoring tools.
Premium support has provides by the host (often around-the-clock).

Am I allowed to upgrade at any time as my firm expands?
Yes, you can upgrade your reseller hosting account at any time to meet the needs of your growing company. There are no commitments and a 30-day money-back guarantee with zthosting!

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