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Fully managed vps with root access.


Truly Expandable.

with OpenStack and KVM, VPS tends to offer more power and efficiency for the user without any complexities, Each server is made in a way that it may be squeezed to its last extent most convenient speed optimization techniques are employed to ensure peak performance KVM Hypervisor ensures the availability of resources at any time.
Improved cPanel interface rich with new features are there to give you a pleasurable management

More Flexible and Adaptable then ever

Resources aren’t enough, get more resources and merging them together to a single shared or dedicated servers without compromising the efficiency and without any efforts, entirely in a single place.
each server is designed to support every component you desire, with SSH,
serverside includes, web-based file managers database, email multiply your performance.


Virtual Private Server of just VPS is a Virtualized set of resources sold as services which have its own copy of Operating system and own resource management system so that any application may be installed independently without any hesitation and complexities.

VPS is mostly preferred because it is a lot cheaper than the full dedicated hosting servers also VPS plans are more expandable and plan alterations can be made easily and due to the performance peak factor it is more popular than anything else.

you can chose VPS any time when you feel lack of control and flexibility over your website, or to have ease of scaling the resources or to fulfill the need of your business.

the answer depends on the plan you chose, and your site. but generally, the flexibility and performance of your site are greatly improved after using VPS.

we offer unlimited cPanel to cPanel Migration to cPanel free of cost. but as the manual migration is complex and more time consuming we support up to 90 migrations based on the VPS package you select.

basic knowledge of file handling and application management are crucial, our every VPS is loaded with easy to use the custom cPanel control panel which will automate most common and basic tasks performed on daily basics but in order to be a expert you should need to have in-depth knowledge for running a site

there are no limitations but as per the security reviews, we strongly recommend that you should set the limit to 500 emails/hour to avoid the website making your IP blacklist.

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