Is Cheap Reseller Hosting Assist to Boost Hosting Business?

Cheap reseller hosting is an activity including one company that is providing hosting services. In addition, these companies renting disk space and bandwidth to the next company, which then leases space to third parties (small-sized businesses) at reasonable and affordable prices.

Simply stated, A cheap reseller hosting company tries to attract customers by offering its services at very economical rates.  Accordingly, This can be good practice for potential businessmen who want to launch their own web hosting company or for current web developers and designers who want to add some extra services to their brand.

Procedures to Startup Cheap Reseller Hosting

Here are some stages to startup a reseller business: 

  • To start your Business take a deep survey of the reseller hosting business line.
  • Make a wise and sensible selection regarding the cheap reselling hosting company.
  • Acquire the package regarding reseller hosting that meets the strategic goals of your business
  • Understand exactly and precisely your target market to pinpoint your new customers
  • Establish your own clearly labeled hosting packages
  • Decide on your price
  • Sell hosting packages to your customers for the sake of earning the profit.


Services Provided in Cheap Reseller Hosting Business

  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain Hosting
  • Updated CPanel
  • Well Managed and Reseller Hosting Plan
  • Configuration of accounts as per client requirements

Best Reseller Hosting Companies

  • ZtHosting: ZtHosting Company provides cheap and best reseller hosting services ever. Accordingly hosting business is the latest and updated field in IT So with great features, and servers you can avail of these services at cheap and reasonable prices. Zthosting designed packages relevant to hosting services in which you will get unlimited SSD Storage, dedicated CPU, and unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions. Moreover, also provide backups on a daily basis. Above all Zthosting never do compromise on service quality.
  • A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting Company is also considered to be charging the economic rates for its hosting services. However, the server resources can be allocated according to the client’s preferences.
  • InMotion: InMotion offers you the most attractive and competitive reseller hosting plan so you can enjoy these plans with SSDs, CPanel and WHMCS.


From the above mentioned cheap reseller hosting companies, ZtHosting is the most leading company providing you relevant services at very competitive rates and also satisfying the clients with their outstanding performance.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting – Professional Extension

Fully managed VPS Hosting requires less technical acumen site owners or a smaller workforce for its proper functionality. IT professionals lighten your load with fully managed VPS hosting by keeping your server running properly and taking care of your virtual network.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting:

In Fully Managed Hosting, the company is responsible for setting up the server, undertaking routine maintenance, making your environment secure. The specific services that are included with fully managed VPS rely on the company you choose to host.

When the company runs the network in a Managed VPS, the client has no need to think about the technical aspects beyond operating a web server. Business owners or individuals may choose a fully managed VPS because of a lack of knowledge and experience to operate their own server. When neither you nor anyone in your team has the engineering expertise necessary to run fully managed VPS, suggest professionally controlled VPSs.

Is Fully Managed VPS Hosting Beneficial?

Fully Managed VPS is beneficial not only due to cost-effectiveness but at the same time, its functionality and services also meet the professional standards. This VPS hosting also gives you a 100% secured working scenario with a customized user interface.

1. Cost-Effective

You will get the benefit of cost savings when you sign up for Fully Managed VPS.  Even though the plans appear to be pricier, there are many other factors that overcome the costs, and the option is inevitably cost-friendly.

2. Instant Resource Provisioning

In Fully Managed VPS, you’ll get a certain amount of disk space, CPU power, RAM, dedicated IP addresses and bandwidth, etc. with a full-featured control panel that can be very costly if you purchase them individually. In fact, if you are experiencing technical issues at any point in time, you can rely on the company to help you tackle them seamlessly for no additional fees. This is both very convenient for customers and cost-effective.

3. User-Friendly

While using Fully Managed VPS Hosting, you can enjoy the ease of use. You don’t have to be technically capable of handling these servers. You can rely entirely on your provider to take care of your servers.

In Fully Managed VPS Hosting, it will be the responsibility of the providers whether it is advanced re-configurations or reboots. You may rely on professional support for customer care round the clock with managed VPS. Without any concern, you will be able to run your website smoothly.

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4. Security

The web host must address any problem with the website or account or applications in fully managed VPS. You can have complete peace of mind without having to worry about site management issues that are normal in unmanaged hosting.

Managed VPS is also considered very attractive due to the high level of security that offers. There is an expert team to track 24×7 security that makes it much more secure. The host must implement comprehensive security measures to protect the site from intruders and malware. Proper site security backups, firewalls, anti-spam filters, anti-virus detection systems, etc. will be available.

Why Fully Managed VPS Hosting with ZtHosting?

Fully Managed VPS Hosting is usually considered for a workplace environment because the services provided by the ZtHosting regarding Managed VPS Hosting would up to the client’s requirements and choice.

Benefits of VPS vs VPN Hosting

When we talking about benefits of VPS vs VPN, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is indeed a host that virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a pooled server. It has become a popular choice since it is generally cheaper than dedicated hosting but provides better quality, security, and performance than shared hosting.

While considering VPS vs VPN, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that you can use when connecting to the Internet. It helps to secure your web traffic and data, ensures that you enjoy private browsing and unlimited access to any online content you want.

In turn, users are granted root access to the server, allowing them to install software and make changes to the environment without having to go through the hosting provider as they would with shared hosting.

Choosing VPS allows businesses to prevent shared hosting downsides. For VPS, you won’t have to worry so much about resource limitations as there exists more potential for growth in VPS environments.

Normally, if you want to connect to a website on the Internet, all your inbound and outbound traffic and data will go through your ISP.

Because in VPN Hosting all of your data is in a simple, readable format, your ISP (and anybody else – hackers, administrative agencies, or ad networks) can see what you’re doing on the Web.

VPS vs VPN Hosting Benefits

  • Privacy
  • User-friendliness
  • Controlling Techniques
  • Allocated Resources

1. Privacy VPS vs VPN

VPS allows you to operate all your versions of online text editors, cloud storage, streaming music players, or any other web application you might think of, but on a server that you control. It is up to you to decide who has access to the information, how long it lingers around and with whom (if anybody) you want to share it. Although companies such as Google and Facebook derive the bulk of their profits by extracting your data and allowing marketers to campaign against it, you simply pay the monthly database fee with a VPS, and all else is up to you.

While in VPN, you use a proxy to make requests on your behalf. With a “privacy-focused” VPN, your firewall connection is encoded, making it impossible for someone to snoop on your traffic to assess what kind of messages you exchange with the VPN server. Typically, the VPN server’s role is to make web requests on your behalf, instead of having you make them directly.

2. User-friendliness – VPS vs VPN

You have your own operating system with a VPS client. This also ensures that all database programs such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL have your own versions. If you need any of these products to be customized to your requirements, you can make changes to suit the server.

The VPN server is also user-friendly. You can download VPN software from the internet easily. Private VPN intends to be as user-friendly as possible for streaming by labeling servers that are capable of capturing specific streaming sites.

3. Controlling Techniques VPS vs VPN

While Considering controlling techniques of VPS, installing VPS server applications require a system to restart, you can do so at any time. Although technically you share a server with other VPS servers, your VPS server can be restarted without affecting anyone else.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is now one of the company’s most open network access points. The organization often does not own external devices that access the network via the VPN gateway, and clients are often not workers, but visitors, contractors or business partners.

4. Allocated Resources

While talking about resource allocation in VPS vs VPN, you have dedicated amounts of RAM available to you on a VPS server at any time. With the exception of shared hosting, there is no one else on your server that can use all of the RAM when you need it most!

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The design assigns the bandwidth of each link to the VPNs in such a way that, when the customer’s traffic is optimally routed over its VPN, the weighted cumulative measure of the bandwidth carried over the service provider’s infrastructure is maximized, subject to limitations that each VPN carries a designated minimum.


Zthosting gives you a chance to grab their services related to VPS Hosting with cheap rates and also provide you to work with an experienced team and professional environments.

In a dedicated server hosting, what features should you look for?

It’s one thing to know that you need a dedicated server hosting. Registering the right plan is a completely different matter. Make sure they deliver the following before you select a hosting provider:

  • Garantie for uptime: Imagine if a visitor just came on your website to find that it was not loaded. That might mean a lot of money lost, depending on your business. Most hosting companies today offer a minimum uptime of 99.6 percent – but this number should be even higher for dedicated server hosting.
  • Customization: The freedom to customize the server in almost every way you like is one of the best parts of having dedicated server hosting. Find out if your provider will allow you to select an OS, allocate space, or add custom software and applications. Often hosting services will offer private servers that are still shared with other users – it’s a big red flag not being able to customize that’s the case.
  • Protection: Overall, dedicated server hosting is inherently more secure than both shared servers and VPS – but this does not mean they are not vulnerable to hackers. Ensure that your hosting service provides security software, including configurations for firewalls, malware protection, and more.
  • 24/7 customer support: You should get outstanding customer support when you pay big money for a premium service. This means that you can call whenever you have a question and talk to a living human being. Look for a 24/7 hosting provider, 365 days a year.

How much does a hosting package for a dedicated server cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here, unfortunately. How much the price of a contract can vary considerably depending on the provider and the features you need. In general, however, for a dedicated server hosting, you should expect to pay $90 + per month.

Generally speaking, the lower the costs, the fewer resources available to you. As the plan’s cost increases, so the RAM and bandwidth available.

The dedicated server is one that can grow with you, starting with room for your current website. Search for a company that offers a range of packages with reasonable rates.

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ZtHosting Dedicated Servers

ZtHosting offers a variety of hosting packages for dedicated servers, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Our plans start at 16 GB, each with live support, 24/7. Call us today to find out which plan meets your needs best.

Is your WordPress Site Secured enough?

The first question comes into our minds, is WordPress secure? For the most part, yes. However, WordPress site usually gets a bad rap for being prone to security vulnerabilities and inherently not being a safe platform to use for a business. More often than not this is due to the fact that users keep following industry-proven security worst-practices.

Using outdated WordPress Site software, nulled plugins, poor system administration, credentials management, and lack of necessary Web and security knowledge among non-techie WordPress users keep hackers on top of their cyber-crime game. Even industry leaders don’t always use the best practices. Reuters was hacked because they were using an outdated version of WordPress.

Here are some ways to secure your WordPress site

  • Use Latest PHP Version:
  • Prefer Strong Username and Password
  • Use Latest Version of WordPress, Plugins, and Themes

1. Use Latest PHP Version

PHP is the backbone to secure your WordPress site and so using the latest version on your server is very important. Each news version of PHP supports the security of WordPress for two years. During that time Bugs and security issues are fixed. Anyone running on version PHP 7.1 or below no longer has security support and are exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities.

2. Prefer Strong Username and Password

It is also important to use different passwords for every website and the best way to store them is locally in an encrypted database on your computer. A good free tool for this is KeePass. Even though your data is hosted securely in the cloud. These are generally safer since you aren’t using the same password across multiple sites. It also keeps you from using sticky notes. 

As far as your WordPress install goes you should never use the default “admin” username so create a unique WordPress Site username for the administrator account and delete the “admin” user if it exists. You can do this by adding a new user under “Users” in the dashboard and assigning it to the “Administrator” profile.

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3. Use Latest Version of WordPress, Plugins, and Themes

Unfortunately, millions of businesses out there running outdated versions of WordPress software and plugins, and still believe they’re on the right path of business success. They cite reasons for not updating such as “their site will break” or “core modifications will be gone” or “plugin X won’t work” or “they just don’t need the new functionality”


Here are some security measures which can be used to secure your WordPress sites. Zthosting used these security measures while providing web hosting services for WordPress. These security measures make your WordPress site surely authenticated and attested. Any individual avail these services at reasonable and affordable rates.

Do I Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

Many website owners are wondering if they need to switch to a dedicated server hosting. It is extremely important to ensure that your website has the right hosting plan. It can be a difficult task to know when or if you need to switch. Luckily, we’ve put this guide to help you make the decision.

How big is your business?

Beginning with a common measure is how large the company’s size is. Medium to large businesses makes the best use of dedicated server hosting. The explanation for this is that more data is being exchanged and processed than with a small business.

If you’re a solopreneur or a small team, dedicated hosting is not suitable for you. You can still choose to use a dedicated package, but for what you need it is probably too much.

How sensitive is your website’s information?

Safety is one of the biggest reasons to choose a dedicated hosting plan. Your information is on the same database as many other websites with shared plans, the same also applies to cloud hosting.

Security is of the greatest concern for all hosting services, but there is a greater chance that something could go wrong than on a dedicated server. If there is an attack on another website and you use the same network, there is a risk that the attack will hit your site and cause serious problems.

While on a dedicated server hosting, it will only affect your site if there is any security breach, and the host can concentrate all efforts on your web page. This reduces the amount of time it takes to fix and, in turn, takes time to get your business up and running again. This leads us to our next question.

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Do you have resources to manage a shared / cloud plan?

Your server will be operated by the host and constantly monitored to improve quality and ensure that your page performs best.

Another benefit of managing your server is that the host has for your server a specialized dedicated team of workers. These are employees who concentrate only on hosting a dedicated server and have more advanced training in managing the workload.

Not only does it take away the stress of your team or staff by getting a managed server, but it also saves time and money.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting that can change your view

The aim of the Zthosting is not to win the prizes. We’re probably going to propose the best web hosting options that are both ultra-reliable and fast blazing. Nonetheless, we are still very happy with the accomplishments of our party! Our diligent work helped us to gain recognition and honors as the company’s best-hosting provider. In this article, you learn all the details and benefits of Reseller Web Hosting that you’ll Require!

What is Reseller Hosting?

Web reseller hosting accounts provide comprehensive hosting services that can be easily separated into separate littler hosting accounts. This enables you to introduce your own web host organization alongside a simple method by offering and selling these littler hosting accounts to customers for a benefit and revenue.

Features and Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Web hosting services for resellers in Pakistan is a project that empowers the record holder to trade administrations for web hosting. The record holders can be individuals who, among others, need to start their own web hosting companies or web architects. The exchanged network products include; virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and hosting accounts shared by the internet.

1. More Elements Than Basic Plans

Web hosting companies in Pakistan ensure that the reseller is in charge of their management deals and the information of their customers. This web hosting option enables resellers to enter data integrating their clients; charging policy, contacting subtle elements, and documenting status.

2. Lower Costs and Expenses

The vast majority of affordable reseller hosting plans are readily available. The action plan for resellers is simple and most parent organizations offer resellers with devices that are essential to start a successful web hosting company.

3. More Control

If you like the ability to handle all parts of your site, a reseller bundle will usually provide you with the ability to manage your site micromanage. In essence, you will have access to various elements that allow you to control the use of plate space, size limits for transmission and other imperative ranges that accompany the running of your own site.

4. No Maintenance or Support

Instead of getting your company’s own specific server, an exchange plan is fundamentally the same as having your own dedicated server with one imperative contrast. If something should turn out badly, you won’t be the one worrying about muddled server issues. An exceptionally accommodating part of having a reseller hosting bundle is having a specialized bolster or support office that is knowledgeable in solving these issues.

With Reseller Hosting You Can

1. Be your own hosting company- profit hosting and website creation.

2. Build your own personalized hosting packages for your company and customers.

3. Host your customers and charge them under your own image.

4. Sell more plans and retain the advantages.

5. For each of your clients, create independent cPanel control boards.

How To Check Website Hosting?

Website hosting gave a physical location to your website on the internet.  We can measure any Website Hosting by the disk space that is assigned to any server. And the total amount of data and bandwidth that you need to access the server. It is the process that allows someone to search your site or enter the URL of your site on a web browser. In this way, they would see the web pages of your site on a web browser online. To Check Website Hosting is important to see the performance, reliability, speed, SEO progress or anything.

After that why we need web hosting? A web hosting company makes it possible for all internet users to access your site. Web hosting is basically the place you buy on a webserver to store the files on your website. … To add to this, you also need the technical skills to manage and run the server.

Way To Check any Hosting Site

Moreover, it is also very important to Check Website Hosting of any site. If your site is unreachable you will lose traffic and confidence of the customer. So, you must check the speed of any hosting website. There are many tools available through which you check the hosting of your site.

Web Hosting Checker

With  Web hosting checker you can Check any Website hosting. Because this software uses the Lookup Tool. Moreover, Zthosting provides that tool because it gave the most accurate result and relevant information on the site. Like:

1. Hosting info.

2. Alexa rank.

3. SEO report

4. Google page rank.

5. Social State checker.

6. Offline/online checker.

7. Domain IP Blacklist checker.

The IP WHOIS Lookup tool shows a lot of information as possible about a given IP address, from the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to which the address belongs. An RIR is an organization that manages the allocation and registration of Internet number resources in a specific area of the world.

How to check out the website hosting?

 1. Uptime

An acceptable warranty backed by a reasonable term of service is a good indication of the service provider who will work hard to keep your website online.

2. Speed

Speed is a crucial factor to get more traffic,  on our site. And a great income to your business.

3. Price

Pricing strategy is also important. Zthosting gave a pricing strategy that should be affordable by everyone. So always set reasonable prices to enhance more traffic.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Provider Companies in Pakistan 2019

Are you curious about what is really web hosting?It is basically a platform that allows individuals or companies to publish their web pages/websites throughout the internet. The owner will need space to store important files including HTML, documents, images, and videos when publishing a web page. You may say a web hosting company is a service provider renting servers (storage) to others who want to store such materials online. In this blog, we briefed on some of 2019’s best web hosting companies.

Rather than wasting your time in finding yourself the best web hosting sites in Pakistan, where you no longer have to care about payment methods because the companies to be listed below are highest-ranked companies trusted by so many customers and have a good reputation in the hosting industry.

Here are a selection of Best Web Hosting Companies, the following are:

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

1. Ipage

2. Zthosting

3. GoDaddy

4. Host Gator

5. Blue Host

1. Ipage

In terms of making your site, you have such a variety of alternatives. In order to give you the stability you need to create online proximity that mirrors your image or identity, Ipage supports each of them. You’ll also get 1 GB of distributed storage for most of your archives, pictures, music, and audio files put away on your computer, giving you access from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

2. Zthosting

Zthosting offering one of Pakistan’s best web hosting provides all the necessary tools for their respectable customers to get a fully working website to set up an online career. They do their best to make sure that you can start your work easily and quickly as soon as possible. You can get a cheap and amazing website in less time.

They offer three separate reseller hosting types: Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, and Control Panel. If you don’t know what form will match your website, you can contact Zthoting’s team again and they will assist you as soon as possible.

Technical support for Zthosting is available 24/7. For your safety, there will always be someone from your team to help you through the whole process.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is intended to give individuals a simple, logical approach to getting their views on the internet, almost as old as the Internet today. They have more than 10 million customers around the world today, but their goal is the same.

4. Host Gator

Hostgator provides all the tools needed to get a fully functioning website for their respective clients to set up an online career. They do their best to make sure that you can begin your work quickly and easily as soon as possible. They also have a collaboration with Weebly, so you can get an inexpensive and awesome website in less time.

5. Blue Host

BlueHost offers the best Web Hosting services and domains with a money-back guarantee.


It could be believed that Zthosting is an excellent choice for experts as well as newbies. It is currently one of the market’s cheapest web hosting company. Although Zthosting offers its services in return for less money, quality performance and safety are known to never be compromised.

3 Simple Tips That Prevent Your WordPress Website Being Hacked

Sometimes you need only a couple of suggestions to get an idea going. In this case, we want a couple of tips on how to stop hacking our WordPress website. Remember that these are just a few tips that will help keep your customers’ information safe.

1. Use the SSL Certification

2. Using authorization of two factors

3. Use a Security Service or Plugin

Tip 1 – Use an SSL Certificate

If you’re working with a WordPress website that requires a security password or charges for credit cards, the use of an SSL certificate should be mandatory. The certification allows a secure connection between your device and your website for your viewers. SSL Certificates are either billed or free of charge. Free SSL certificates provide low security while paying SSL certificates can vary.

Tip 2 – Two-Factor Authentication

One of the simplest ways to hack users is by accessing a website. Although WordPress may limit users to secure passwords, the WordPress Administrator Dashboard may still bypass the requirement. Use two-factor authentication provides a secondary check to ensure that the person signing in is valid or not. This is usually done using a mobile phone or encryption application such as Google Authenticator. Through plugins in WordPress, or by options in your hosting app, you can install two-factor authentication. Because of the simple breaking of passwords that people frequently use, using two-factor authentication can help prevent intrusion.

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Tip 3 – Plugin or Security Services

You may believe you know the best about how to secure your WordPress Website without using a service, but you won’t usually monitor your website every single hour of the day. We suggest using a security service or plugin to keep your WordPress website safe. These services often include not only 24-hour monitoring but also built-in backup support to help secure your website. You can pay some money for a certain level of security, but it will save you a lot of time and energy to keep your site calm.