What should you look for in WordPress Security Plugins?

What should you look for in WordPress Security Plugins?

Plugins make it very easy to work in WordPress. If you don’t have a feature, you’re just searching for a plugin, and you’ll find it most of the time. You have too many plugins slowing down the page and causing safety risks. That’s why security plugins for WordPress are so common. Not everyone is a security expert for WordPress.

Safety, however, is necessary. So creators of the plugin stepped up to fill the gap in knowledge. In this blog, you’ll see why a safety plugin is important and what to prevent when searching for the right one.

You need a solid base for the safest WordPress site That’s why Zthosting designed its own hosting package for WordPress. Rigorous server-side security means you can spend less time creating a better website and hardening your hosting.

What To Look For in a WordPress Security Plugin?

Note, hosting your server security needs should be done well if you have WordPress expertise.

But what else to think about?

Even if you’ve got the world’s most secure WordPress server, there’s a way for hackers to break into your WordPress site, it’s almost like you forgot to close your house’s front door and a thief walked in.

1. At this point, the protection plugins take over …

2. Securing the login page

3. Customizing permissions for the application

4. Blocking unacceptable IP addresses

And a lot more.

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What To Avoid in WordPress Security Plugins?

Nevertheless, you’re going to want to steer clear of heavy plugins using database tools. For their own good, some plugins are too powerful, and they can actually crash your site. Read the comments. Do some study and see what the users are saying on a chosen plugin. Choose a plugin with the following:

1. High performance

2. Low footprint


1. Sucuri For WordPress:

A really good set of options rather than an intense tool. You may be particularly interested in the security features of the blacklist.

2. WP Security Safe:

This plugin is very lightweight yet very powerful with a surprising range of features in the free version.

3. WordFence:

More resources intensive than the option before, but this one makes the cut with a lot of rich features to choose from.

You’ll find adding any of these to your site increases your security presence in WordPress right away.

Note: more than one security plugin must never be used. Choose once and choose carefully. If you really want to try other plugins, you need to uninstall the one that you already use first.

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