A Website migration is a conversion to your website that’s so meaningful it impacts the site’s structure, performance, or traffic. The most ordinary state of website migration is moving from one domain to another. Website migration may be essential for various causes, including changing hosting providers for better implementation, updating technology or methods for more trendy user facts, rebranding, enhancing safety, or optimizing SEO. It can improve a site’s functionality, accessibility, and general effectiveness in reaching its goals.


First of all, go to your Dashboard, Open Plugins, and find All in one Wp Migration. Install it and Activate it. Do it same for another site where you want to migrate your site.


All in one Wp Migration


Now in your first site go to All in one Wp Migration click Export


All in one Wp Migration


Now select File, then it will start exporting. after few seconds it will give you option of Download click on it.


All in one Wp Migration


Now go to 2nd site and open All in one Wp Migration . Click on Import, Select File and choose your downloaded file and import it.


All in one Wp Migration


Now your download will start and it will done soon


All in one Wp Migration


As you can see it is done just reload your website. Your site has been Imported Successfully.


All in one Wp Migration


Advantages of Migrating a Website

Migrating a website suggests several advantages, including improved implementation, scalability, and safety. It allows for technology promotions, more useful SEO, and improved user experiences. Further, it can downsize hosting costs, simplify maintenance, and ensure compliance with the latest web standards, ultimately improving a site’s overall competitiveness and user fulfillment.

Disadvantages of Migrating a Website

Website migration can pose challenges like probable downtime, broken links, and SEO ranking changes. Data loss or corruption, raised costs, and compatibility problems may also arise. Poor planning or implementation can lead to user confusion and dropped traffic, requiring careful management to mitigate these drawbacks effectively.

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Strength of Business Web Hosting: 9 Ways to Your Path to Online Success with ZTHosting


Business Web Hosting: In the Computer age, establishing a solid online presence is a necessity for the success of any business. Whether you’re a tiny startup, a growing firm, or a based company, your website is the virtual storefront that connects you with your visitors. However, a website’s presentation strongly relies on your desired hosting service. This is where ZTHosting comes into play, offering a range of extensive and budget-friendly web hosting plans to meet your particular business needs.

ZTHosting: Your Trusted Partner in Business Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, ZTHosting emerges as a leading player, particularly in the context of the Pakistani market. Offering a wide array of hosting solutions ranging from Business Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting to WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Servers, ZTHosting caters to businesses of all sizes and niches. Let’s explore some of their key offerings and how they can contribute to your online success.

1. Business Web Hosting: Building Strong Foundations.

Business Web Hosting from ZTHosting serves as the keystone for setting up your online existence. It’s planned to provide reliability, speed, and security for your website. With ZTHosting’s affordable rates, you can kick start your online journey without restless your budget. This hosting package offers optimal performance, enough storage, and bandwidth, ensuring a seamless experience for your website visitors.

2. Cloud Hosting: Scalability and Flexibility Unlocked.

As your business spreads, so will your website’s traffic and demands. Cloud Hosting offered by ZTHosting ensures that you have the scalability and flexibility to assist these changes. With the power of cloud technology, your website can effortlessly handle traffic pins while maintaining optimal performance. This is an ideal solution for businesses that allow for change in website visitors.

3. WordPress Hosting: Empowering Your WordPress Website.

WordPress is an admired platform for building websites, known for its user-friendliness and customization options. ZTHosting’s WordPress Hosting is optimized to enhance the performance of WordPress sites. With features like single-click installations, robotic updates, and specialized support, you can focus on generating and managing content without worrying about the technical features.

4. Reseller Hosting: Your Path to Entrepreneurship.

For those looking to travel into the web hosting business themselves, ZTHosting’s Reseller Hosting is the perfect solution. This proposal allows you to resell hosting services using your brand name while ZTHosting manages the technical features behind the scenes. It’s a great chance to generate additional revenue streams and establish your hosting business without the upfront sports costs.

5. VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers: Uncompromised Performance.

For businesses with more traffic volumes or specific performance requirements, ZTHosting offers VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide a dedicated portion of a server with its own resources, while Dedicated Servers offer the entire server for your whole use. These options guarantee unique performance, security, and customization, giving you full control over your hosting environment.

6. Business E-Mail Hosting: Professional Communication.

In today’s business landscape, communication is key. ZTHosting’s Business E-Mail Hosting ensures that your company maintains a professional image through branded email addresses (e.g., [email protected]). This complement trust and credibility among clients and partners, helping you stand out in a competitive market.

7. Domain Registration: Your Digital Identity.

Your domain name is your digital identity. ZTHosting not only offers hosting services but also allows you to register domain names. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies the process of getting your business online, all under a one only platform.

8. Blog: A Hub of Information.

ZTHosting’s blog is a valuable resource for businesses and freelancers seeking insights into web hosting, digital trends, and online success procedures. Routinely updated with informative articles, the blog helps you stay updated and make informed choices about your online presence.

9. Promo Packages: Value-Added Deals.

ZTHosting frequently offers business packages that provide even more value for your share. These packages include discounted rates, more resources, or a bunch of services, making it an opportune time to increase your hosting plan.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Business with ZTHosting.

In the dynamic and competitive online landscape, choosing the right web hosting provider can outstandingly impact your business’s success. With its display of hosting solutions, including Business Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Business Email Hosting, and Domain Registration, ZTHosting is your committed partner in navigating the digital world.
By selecting ZTHosting, you’re not just spending on hosting services; you’re investing in the foundation of your online success. With affordability, reliability, and performance at the forefront, ZTHosting empowers you to focus on what you do best while leaving the technical difficulty to the experts. Take the jump with ZTHosting and unlock the full potential of your online journey. Your business deserves nothing less.

Our All Hosting Plans & Packages.

Shared HostingBusiness HostingManaged CLoud HostingManaged WordPress hostingReseller HostingFully Managed VPSBusiness EmailsManaged Dedicated ServerDomain Registration.

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VPS Hosting | Your way to High-Performance Website | ZTHosting


In VPS Hosting the rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a powerful online presence is no longer a luxury, but a basic for businesses of all scales. If you’re a startup, a growing task, or an independent blogger, your website’s performance plays an important role in attracting and retaining customers. This is where the right web hosting solution comes into play by ZTHosting. Among the mixed display of hosting options available, Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting has emerged as a powerhouse, offering unparalleled performance, control, and scalability. In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the world, with a special focus on ZTHosting’s cost-effective plans that cater to various web hosting needs in Pakistan.

What is the concept of VPS Hosting and how does it work?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a meeting ground among Shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. In shared hosting, multiple websites share resources on each server, leading to potential performance blockage. On the other side, dedicated server hosting provides dedicated resources but can be quite costly and may offer more power than many websites require. VPS hosting way over this gap by separating a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each working as an independent environment with dedicated resources and full root access.

What are the Benefits of VPS Hosting?.

Increased Performance:

With dedicated resources among storage, RAM, and CPU, VPS hosting ensures compatible performance even during traffic pin. This convert to faster loading times and a seamless user experience. It promises better performance and reliability when compared to other hosting. Since you have dedicated resources, your website or application expertise faster loading times, lower latency and increased stability. This translates into improved user experiences and less time.

Isolation and Security:

Unlike shared hosting, where the security accountability of one website can affect others, VPS hosting offers better solitude. This enhances security and minimizes the risk of unauthorized reach.


As your website grows, so do your possible requirements. VPS hosting allows you to easily set up by adjusting resources like RAM and CPU without affecting other websites on the server. As your online presence increased, your hosting requires may change. It offers seamless scalability, permit you to upgrade your resources without any disruptions. This make sure that your website or application can handle increasing traffic and adapt to progress demands.

Root Access

VPS hosting provides root access, giving you whole control over your server environment. This is especially beneficial for advanced users who want to customize server settings and install specific software.


VPS hosting allows you to configure your server environment according to your demands. This is key for businesses that require specific software installations and configurations.


While dedicated hosting can be expensive, VPS hosting offers a cost-effective solution with similar benefits. This is unusually important for businesses on a budget.

ZTHosting’s VPS Hosting Plans:

ZTHosting, a well known player in the web hosting industry in Pakistan, understands the diverse hosting needs of businesses and individuals. Let’s explore some of their VPS hosting plans tailored to cater to different requirements:

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting 1:

perfect for startups and small businesses, this plan offers a balance between resources and affordability. It’s perfect for hosting a single website, free Cpanel/WHM

Managed Cloud Hosting VPS 2:

Created to accommodate expending businesses, this plan provides high resources, making it suitable for e-commerce websites, more projects, and applications.

Managed Cloud Hosting VPS 3:

For resource-intensive applications and high-traffic websites, the Pro VPS Hosting plan offers enough resources for optimal performance. It’s a great choice for websites with large databases and multimedia content.

Each of these plans comes with a suite of features including SSD storage for blazing-fast data access, DDoS protection for enhanced security, and a user-friendly control panel for easy management.

Choosing the Right VPS Hosting Plan:

Selecting the appropriate VPS hosting plan needs a clear understanding of your website’s requirements. Consider factors such as expected traffic, resource demands, and future growth. With ZTHosting’s array of plans, you have the flexibility to choose a plan that aligns perfectly with your needs, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.


In the world of web hosting, VPS hosting stands out as a flexible and powerful solution. With its ability to provide dedicated resources, scalability, and customization choices, it empowers businesses and individuals to get high-performance websites. ZTHosting’s range of plans caters to various needs and budgets, turning it to a reliable partner for anyone seeking quality web hosting in Pakistan. Whether you’re a startup, an established business, or a passionate blogger, control the power of VPS hosting can propel your online presence to new heights.

Our All Hosting Plans and Packages

Shared HostingBusiness HostingManaged CLoud HostingManaged WordPress hostingReseller HostingFully Managed VPSBusiness EmailsManaged Dedicated ServerDomain Registration.

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