2019’s latest trends about a web host

2019’s latest trends about a web host

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Among various technologies in this globe, there is a web host to make your site available all around the internet. Before making any decision about your host, you need to search a little bit. It’s always important to choose the best service among all because it is a need for today. No doubt there are dozens of companies providing web services. It just that you need to clarify yourself first that which is the one you want. A web host must be giving you services error-free so that you would not suffer later. There exist various types of web hostings such as shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud hosting etc. Firstly, you should see what services are given by a web host.

User Guidance

Let us discuss some facts and figures of web hosting. There are 3 basic types of hosting.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS
  3. dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest one because each site shares the same memory of the server. But there are some downsides of shared hosting such as “bad-neighbour effect“. It means that there is an error in one site, it will affect others. On the other hand, VPS(virtual private server) is a little expensive than shared hosting. It is expensive because it contains virtually partitioned memory for each site. In this way, there will be no bad-neighbor effect in web hosting. I will prefer VPS because it is more reliable than shared hosting. Now come to the dedicated hosting. You need to own a system(server) in dedicated hosting to host your site. You should know some technicalities about a server to handle. In this way, you can host your site. This is the most expensive one.

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Latest Trends In Web Hosting

In a web hosting cloud hosting is one of the latest trends in web hosting services. It provide a suite of remote/virtual service. Cloud hosting combines the services of several servers to provides a single cloud hosted server. Providing the faster speed it is a unique solution for hosting a website.

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