SSL certificate is an automated certificate that verifies a website’s identity and allows an encrypted link. When your browser displays the “connection is not secure” error, there could be an issue with the website’s SSL certificate. This certificate is required for encryption. So, the link will remain unencrypted when missing, expired, or misconfigured. SSL stands for Secure Sockets, a protection agreement that makes an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser.SSL is generally used on the Internet by an increasing number of applications, specifically for relations that exchange confidential details such as credit card numbers.

Connection Is Not Secure

What is the Cause of Connection is not secure?

When your browser links to a website, it can use the safe HTTPS or the insecure HTTP protocol. If a site’s URL begins with HTTP, it means the link is not safe, which triggers the “Not Secure” warning. If a site’s URL starts with HTTPS, it means the connection is safe.
The connection is insecure due to the lack of encryption protocols or a false SSL/TLS certificate, potentially revealing data to interception or manipulation by malicious parties.

How to Convert HTTP TO HTTPS

Securing your website is quite necessary in this age. If your website is not secure, it may scare your website visitors, and there are high chances that you will lose them, so let’s secure your website

  • Purchase a SSL Certificate

Purchase an SSL certificate. If you purchase web hosting from our website ZTHosting, an SSL certificate is free. Just get it, and you don’t need to do anything. It will install automatically within 24-48 hours of website propagation. Then, your website might be secure if it does not work; just install it manually.

Free SSL certificate

Installing an SSL Certificate into your hosting account.

1. Open your CPanel. Go to SECURITY and select SSL/TSL Status.


Install a ssl certificate

2. If you see this error as shown in the image, Click Run AutoSSL. Auto-SSL will take a few minutes to finish. The page will be revised with a success notification when it is completed successfully.

INSTALL SSL Certificate

3. Now you can see Auto SSL Domain is Validated

installl ssl certificate

Advantages of a Secure Website

A safe website offers benefits such as data security, user trust, and compliance with restrictions. It protects sensitive details, enhances credibility, increases SEO rankings, and reduces cyber threats. In today’s digital age, security is essential for user safety and business reputation.

Disadvantages of Secure Website

While secure websites offer the necessary protection, they can have disadvantages, including raised operational costs for SSL certificates and server resources. SSL performance might slightly slow down website performance, and managing certificate renewals can be complex. Some users might also be deterred by SSL warnings or compatibility issues on more senior browsers.

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