7 Features You Should Look For In A Web Host

7 Features You Should Look For In A Web Host

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1. Ask Bandwidth To Your Web Host

While looking for a web host you look for storage and bandwidth. So, what is bandwidth? Bandwidth basically is the amount of data that your hosting provider lets you or your visitor to download or upload in a given month. Bandwidth is something on which you need to keep your eye on. It is very important to monitor it especially when you are running a popular site.

2. Database

Nowadays almost all websites have a database at the backend. Many hosts use MySQL today. But if you prefer PostsgreSQL or oracle, you should demand your web host for that.

3. Web Host Should provide multiple Language Support

Language support is one of the important things. You should plan early if you are going to facilitate your website with another language later. You should see this in the list of languages that your host is providing you with.

4. Backup

So, you can need a backup at any time. Data is sensitive that can be lost at any time due to any error. You need to plan backup for your front end and server-side files. Ask your hosting provider if they are providing a backup facility or not. In this case, you gonna have two options….
1. See for some other host.
2. Figure out how you’ll going to do it yourself.

5. Operating System

If you gonna use an open-source language, you don’t need to worry about what Linux\Unix service you gonna have. If you are developing in .NET, you will probably need windows hosting which is a bit expensive.

6. Up-Time

Up-time is a time slice that a website is available to the user at a given period of time. 99.9% availability is considered to be the highest. Every website has a downtime so you should see how much your web host is reliable. Less up-time can lead to increase bounce rate. You need to have an up-time monitoring service to monitor your up-time.

7. Extra Apps

Sometimes you need more than a web host like some extra applications. So, talk about this to your web host. You should clearly discuss with your hosting provider if you need any content management system, forums because it will worth it. You deserve an extraordinary service because you are paying a handsome amount.

So, i hope that the information shared through this blog will help you find a better service provider/ web host.




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